How to Download EMCast to your Mobile Phone

While this tutorial describes the steps to subscribe to EMCast on an iPhone, the instructions are similar for other cell phones. To subscribe to the monthly EMCast podcast you will need a podcast app. These apps are free in the Apple App Store (see instructions below).

Step 1

On your iPhone go to, log-in and then choose EMCast from the Menu. You will see a blue "Subscribe to Podcast" button. Click on it.

Alt Text

Step 2

If you already have a podcast app it should automatically open (go to step 4). Otherwise, you will get the following message. Click on the Search button.

Step 3

Apple's App Store will open in the search page. Enter the word podcast and press search. Several podcast app results will show. The most popular are Podcasts and Downcast. Download either (or any other podcast app).

Step 4

After downloading the app, return to Step 1 and try again. This time the podcast app will open. You can now Sync EMCast to your iPhone. You can also turn on auto-download so all future EMCast podcasts are automatically downloaded.

Step 5

You should now see the EMCast icon when you start your podcast app.